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SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a vast topic first you need to know that SMS is divided into two routing system as per TRAI which is promotional and transactional route. In promotional route you can send messages promoting your business like sending advertisements, offers, surveys and more about the product or service. SMS is a short content which can be sent by mobiles and cell phones. Its a system to transfer data to one another or a group of people. This SMS sending method used to send messages to do talk with their loved ones.

Businesses often get lost in the race to try and get new customers, spending massive amounts of money and resources on beating their competition into getting as many leads as possible. In fact, as per SmartInsights, 44% of companies have a greater focus on customer acquisition, compared to only 18% that focus on customer retention. New customers are great, but businesses can be blinded by them, and start to neglect their existing customers when actually, customer retention is imperative to any and every business for it to be able to build and grow. Harvard Business School research suggests, that by increasing your retention rates by just 5%, you will increase your profits by 25%.

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SMS Marketing

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